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Business Transactions and Disputes



Your company is in business for one reason only: to turn a profit. Your various transactions are the means to that end, but when disputes arise, as they inevitably do, the value of your transaction is threatened and so are your profits. At Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited, my proactive philosophy is weighted heavily in favor of preventing business and commercial disputes. When conflict comes, we still adhere to our core principle of prevention as we strive to resolve your case without wasteful litigation expenses or delays that rob the contract of any remaining value. Our clients trust our firm to serve their interests by finding a path to resolution that advances their business goals and delivers value for your services.


What is the total value of a business contract? Certainly, the initial investment you make in your performance has value, as does the profit you hope to realize. But there is also value downstream, in the transactions that can take place because the contract in question has been fulfilled. Often there is terrific value in the business relationship your company has with the supplier, manufacturer, or subcontractor who is the other party to the contract. When we talk to clients about delivering value, of course, we mean preserving resources, but we are also concerned with preserving your company’s reputation and goodwill among clients and trade partners.

For the sake of delivering value, we look for creative solutions to potential and actual breaches of contracts. Scorched-earth litigation rarely serves anyone’s best interests. Renegotiation and reformation of a contract is often less costly in the long run than enforcing the letter of the agreement. There are many instances when a contract must be enforced, but that should not always require the parties to go to trial.


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) generally refers to two types of practices:

  • Arbitration — In arbitration, a neutral third party, the arbitrator, hears each side of the conflict. Each side can present evidence it feels is relevant, call witnesses, and request a specific ruling. After hearing the evidence, the arbitrator renders a decision for one side or the other as a judge would. In binding arbitration, the parties have agreed to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision and not to take the case to court. In nonbinding arbitration, the parties retain a right to sue if they are not satisfied with the process or the outcome.
  • Mediation — Mediation is less adversarial and more cooperative than arbitration. A neutral third party, the mediator, listens to each side and attempts to guide the parties toward a mutually beneficial compromise settlement. Mediation is never binding: if the parties do not reach a settlement, they can choose arbitration or go to court.

As a business litigation attorney in Atlanta, I use ADR methods frequently to manage costs of litigation and preserve the goodwill my clients have invested in their business relationships.

Contact a proactive attorney for your business disputes

Business disputes are inevitable, but wasteful litigation is not. Trust Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited to deliver value through dispute resolution. To schedule a consultation, call 404-458-8311 or contact our Atlanta office online.

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