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General Counsel Services FAQ



Today’s businesses face a more competitive landscape than ever before, but opportunities for growth have also never been better. With reliable general counsel services, well-managed companies can achieve their goals for strategic development, and Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited can help. Drawing on 25 years of experience as corporate counsel, I help small to medium-sized businesses manage risks and re-allocate resources for growth. If your company is searching for proactive legal solutions, review this list of frequently asked questions, to see if our services might be a good fit.

Contact a proactive Atlanta attorney to serve as your company’s general counsel

Businesses need comprehensive legal advice to help them manage risks and seize opportunities. If your company is ready to grow, Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited is committed to facilitating that growth. To schedule a consultation, call 404-458-8311 or contact our Atlanta office online.

What are the benefits of general counsel services for our company?

The primary benefits of having Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited as your general counsel are a reduction in your legal costs and a redirection in those expenditures from damage control to company growth. Because we practice proactive, preventative law, we cut our clients’ litigation expenses drastically. That leaves the company with greater resources to direct toward their strategic plan, and we can spend more of my time advising on corporate development, such as mergers and acquisition. In short, instead of paying to save your company from losses, you’re paying to increase your company’s profits.

What types of legal services are included?

General counsel services are comprehensive. We generally begin with a total review of all your company’s documents: business plan, ownership agreements, employment contracts, shareholder agreements, company bylaws, company handbook, permits, insurance policies, loan contracts, commercial contracts, and commercial leases. This provides us with an intimate understanding of your enterprise and enables us to make specific recommendations on the steps you can take to minimize risk. We also work with your development officer to vet strategic opportunities. Finally, when disputes arise, we take decisive steps to preserve the value of the contract or relationship in question and get your operations back on track.

What are some of the ways general counsel helps a company manage risk?

There are two major sources of risk to businesses: liability and litigation. We help companies manage the risks of liability by helping them structure business assets with legal walls of separation designed to place assets outside the reach of claimants. We also advise companies on compliance with all applicable regulations to circumvent violations that would give rise to liability. Finally, we review a company’s liability insurance to determine whether there are gaps in areas of coverage or insufficient levels of coverage, and we advise companies on how to best remedy those problems. As for litigation, we conduct a thorough review of all company contracts, protocols and practices to spot potential conflicts and recommend preventative measures to keep disputes from arising.

Who are our clients?

The companies we tend to work with are small to medium-sized business with between $5 million and $55 million in annual revenues. Some clients are in downtown Atlanta, where our office is located, and in the State of Georgia. But we also serve companies throughout the United States, especially in New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Texas.

Corporate Law

" I've worked with many lawyers and Paul Spizzirri is by far the best. The first lawyer I have ever worked with that has a positive ROI. And the first lawyer who actually delivers on what he says he can do."

Corporate Law

"After 2 years of fighting a battle that seemed we would not win even with all supporting documentation, we had an international commercial dispute with a purchase in South Korea. After multiple failed attempts and constant run around, I called Paul. He took a creative approach devising a solution that saved us both time and money. Paul within days engaged in discussions with in-house counsel and helped us reach a final resolution within a few weeks! A 2 year battle, Paul solved in just weeks!"

Commercial Law

"I highly recommend Paul Spizzirri. We first spoke via my contacting several firms for legal expertise. Paul responds with promptness and with the ability to listen. He was fast to extract the facts and translate them into probabilities, and into a broad strategy that I could understand. It is good to have Paul in your corner to fight for your interests."