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Representative Matters

  1. Counsel to a publicly traded, multinational environmental waste disposal concern and its affiliates in formulating the structured disposition of financially troubled business lines, formulating a vehicle to facilitate the company’s emergence from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, and continued post-acquisition implementation of planning solutions to lower the company’s effective tax rate.
  2. Advised on the application and interpretation of the UCC provision concerning sales, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, letters of credit, bulk sales, documents of title, investment securities, and secured transactions.
  3. epresented several multi-billion dollar private equity funds in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, integration and divestitures.
  4. Counseled a publically traded multinational energy company in its contemplated acquisition of a nuclear power facility. Evaluated and proposed alternative tax-efficient transaction structures and conducted federal, state, and local due diligence on the target.
  5. Represented a large publically traded telecommunications and manufacturing company on formulating the structured disposition of financially troubled business lines. Optimized the company’s emergence from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and continued post-acquisition implementation during plan administration.
  6. Regularly collaborate with board of directions and executive leadership formulating, refining and implementing corporate strategy throughout the organization. Formulate clearly defined goals and objectives realigning the legal and financial functions with the evolving corporate mission.
  7. Supervised all aspects of tax-free reorganizations of partnerships and corporations under 26 USC § 368(a)(1)(A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), and (G), including subsidiary mergers, within the US and between US companies and affiliates of foreign entities; both inbound and outbound.
  8. Counseled a publically traded multinational airport security and facility services concern in connection with a successful spin-off of certain service lines allowing each separate company to pursue its own strategic mission.
  9. Created, refined and optimized worldwide complex international, transactional, and organizational structures including new holding companies, special purpose entities, international intercompany transactional agreements, documentation, and transfer pricing analysis.
  10. Managed, budgeted, and collaborated with local counsel in several multi-jurisdictional complex litigation matters in Latin America and Europe and Asia including alternative dispute resolution in the PRC.
  11. Proposed and evaluated alternative tax-efficient structures, confirmed whether each alternative may interfere with the qualification of all types of tax-free reorganizations and coordinated international legal, tax and financial due diligence in connection with the acquisition of a US target by a foreign multinational corporation.
  12. Counseled a foreign business in its multibillion-dollar investment in the wireless division of a multinational telecommunications company and in the subsequent spin-off of that division.

Corporate Law

" I've worked with many lawyers and Paul Spizzirri is by far the best. The first lawyer I have ever worked with that has a positive ROI. And the first lawyer who actually delivers on what he says he can do."

Corporate Law

"After 2 years of fighting a battle that seemed we would not win even with all supporting documentation, we had an international commercial dispute with a purchase in South Korea. After multiple failed attempts and constant run around, I called Paul. He took a creative approach devising a solution that saved us both time and money. Paul within days engaged in discussions with in-house counsel and helped us reach a final resolution within a few weeks! A 2 year battle, Paul solved in just weeks!"

Commercial Law

"I highly recommend Paul Spizzirri. We first spoke via my contacting several firms for legal expertise. Paul responds with promptness and with the ability to listen. He was fast to extract the facts and translate them into probabilities, and into a broad strategy that I could understand. It is good to have Paul in your corner to fight for your interests."