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Transaction Advisory Services



Many companies use mergers and acquisitions to transform their market position and meet their strategic goals. But how can you be sure the asset you covet can deliver the value you expect? Perhaps you have a small business, and you’re hoping to be acquired. How can you obtain maximum value? When you retain Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited for transaction advisory services, you get the benefit of 25 years of business, commercial, and corporate law experience from handling hundreds of mergers, acquisitions, divestiture and reorganization transactions ranging in size from $5 million to several billion dollars. We have performed due diligence on mergers and acquisitions; managed structuring for corporate financial services, venture capital, and private equity clients; and advised numerous entities on major tax planning involving international, federal, state and local taxation. We have the full range of knowledge to guide you toward a result that delivers value for your company’s stakeholders.


Our transaction advisory services help businesses by providing comprehensive legal counsel for strategic growth throughout the transaction life cycle. Our advice helps identify and ameliorate risks so you can make fully informed decisions about the efficacy of your strategic choices. Through due diligence, we provide guidance on a host of areas, including:

  • Maximizing after-tax sales proceeds for individual stakeholders
  • Carve-outs
  • Asset acquisition (taxable and tax free)
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Equity joint ventures
  • Transaction preparation and reverse due diligence
  • Tax free reorganizations
  • Private equity transactions
  • Stock purchase acquisitions
  • Asset acquisitions
  • Acquisitive tax-free reorganizations
  • Attracting new investment, private placements and preparation for Initial Public Offerings

As an Atlanta corporate lawyer, I work closely with your corporate development team to chart a course that helps you achieve your company’s goals.


If your plan for growth includes the acquisition of an asset, merging two companies, or forming a joint venture, your analysis must include:

  • Market valuation
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Potential synergies
  • Restructuring requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Capital structure
  • Pricing mechanisms
  • Strategy for acquisition
  • Financing strategy
  • Federal and state tax planning

A mistake in any of these steps can cause integration failures, operating losses, and even damage to the core business. The result could be a “subtraction by addition,” causing the business to contract rather than expand because of the acquisition. There are numerous stories in the annals of business about companies whose officers stared starry-eyed at a shiny acquisition and, failing to perform due diligence at a professional standard, missed red flags that should have warned them off the deal. We are meticulous in our examination of every aspect of a proposed M&A. You can rely on our advice to steer you away from trouble and toward value.

Let a proactive corporate lawyer deliver value through transaction advisory services

If your small to medium-sized business is ready to grow, trust Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited to guide you through the Transaction process. The firm’s transaction advisory service methodology delivers value by identifying and controlling risk and advancing your corporate strategy. For a consultation, call 404-458-8311 or contact our Atlanta office online.

Corporate Law

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Corporate Law

"After 2 years of fighting a battle that seemed we would not win even with all supporting documentation, we had an international commercial dispute with a purchase in South Korea. After multiple failed attempts and constant run around, I called Paul. He took a creative approach devising a solution that saved us both time and money. Paul within days engaged in discussions with in-house counsel and helped us reach a final resolution within a few weeks! A 2 year battle, Paul solved in just weeks!"

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"I highly recommend Paul Spizzirri. We first spoke via my contacting several firms for legal expertise. Paul responds with promptness and with the ability to listen. He was fast to extract the facts and translate them into probabilities, and into a broad strategy that I could understand. It is good to have Paul in your corner to fight for your interests."